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  • Rack Repair & Modifications

    Seems like most facilities have racks and carts to put their "stuff" on. After a while they have a coolection of damaged ones. Pretty soon you find you need them back in circulation. Hays can help!

    Let's go through your "bone yard" and see what can be put back into service with a little "TLC".

    Maybe your current racks can be modified to carry something different. Sometimes this can be very cost effective.

    Rack Repairs

    Hinges, latches, clips, straps, dunnage, wheels and cross members...all these components take a lot of abuse and wear. We can repair and refurbish your racks so you can return them to service quickly. We can make arrangements to simplify the process for you. We also repair plastic tubs and containers.


    Most racks have moving parts. That means pinch points! One finger gets smashed and everybody feels the pain clear up to the front office. Tune up, tighten up, grease up and get them checked out. Contact us today!


    Companies have different internal methods for cost accounting. We understand and offer several options: flat-rate pricing per rack, one fee for the whole batch or the tried and true "time and material" method. Make us an offer if you have another idea!

  • Why Racks by Hays?

    Whether storage, portable, returnable containers or automotive parts racks, you have quite an investment. Replacing damaged shipping racks is expensive. Hays understands and is serious about supporting our customers!

    We have a complete facility dedicated to supporting rack repairs and/or modifications.

    We've been serving customers since 1977; so you can be comfortable that we'll be here for years to serve you. We specialize in high quality metal fabrication and repair, at prices that are fair, and with service that keeps our customers coming back year after year.

    We desire to be your best supplier!

    Rack Storage

    We handle all the logistics, storage, retrieval and many associated rack support operations. We provide indoor and/or shipping rack outdoor storage.

    Rack Modifications

    Your existing shipping and storage racks can be modified, changed and updated many times at huge savings! New parts may require new racks; however, maybe they can be modified at less cost than new ones. We do it regularly for others, so what is keeping you from calling Hays right now?

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